Should Military Service Be Introduced?

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Military service should be reintroduced because it is the only way to teach young people discipline and improve their fitness.

At times when a war is around the corner it is important for every human to know how to save their own life. Three to six months should be enough to learn the basics of weapon handling - though Counter-Strike players will have an advantage.

Fitness would be a tougher task, but an efficiently planned routine and regime can do wonders. Plus, I reckon that most of the men will preserve some of the habits into their later life. In Slovakia, our fathers still fold their clothes into stacks.

Military Discipline

But the textbook characteristic of a soldier is the discipline. Throughout history, the economic prosperity and cultural development of many nations has been rooted in their pristine military past. Just take the Roman Empire, Ancient Greeks, Vikings, the cultures of the Middle East - yes, those whom we often blame for wars without bothering to read a line about their history that would open our eyes.

Service in the army, often on insufficient resources, taught the men discipline, co-operation, compassion and a small, healthy dose of aggression. Human nature does not change, but tends to decline when not under control. Military service should reintroduce some of the parental control that is often lacking, even from schools.

Even implementing training programmes suitable for men in service, into our lifestyles could boost fitness and also discipline and toughness. Many are time-saving and do not require lot of equipment. But it requires the kind of person who will stick with their workout, working it round the normal load of duties for their job. We can withstand much more than we think. I‘ve just read how Rafael Nadal played the 2009 US Open semi-finals with a torn abdominal muscle. 

As the above linked article states, in combat your body is your most important weapon the enemy cannot deprive you of. However, in normal life, it can turn into your biggest enemy. It is your mind that makes the decisions; nothing more..... you are only as strong as your will.

Erik Redli is a university graduate from Slovakia who lived in London for much of his graduate life. Read more of his posts here.

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