For Some, Studying in the UK Just Got Cheaper!

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Studying in the UK just became cheaper owing to the depreciation of the British pound, after last week's decision to leave the EU with the successful Brexit vote. Sterling fell to its lowest level against the US dollar since 1985.

For those who have already paid for their university and college courses in advance, this major devaluation of the British pound will have little impact. For those who haven't, or are due to pay your rent over the coming days and weeks, you will have saved yourself or your parents a nice amount on your tuition costs, which reduces the pressure on your student finances all round.
Apart from a reduction in your course fees, another major outgoing that you will be faced with, will be your accommodation and associated housing costs. With the major drop in the value of the pound compared with other currencies you will find yourself with much cheaper student housing. This means that you could shop around and look to upgrade and live in a superior room, than you had previously planned - perhaps you can now get a room with an ensuite bathroom, rather than having to share with others? Or alternatively, you may wish to search for a flatshare in a more central location.
If you planning on studying English over the summer, you may now be able to spend more time on the course, for the same amount of money that was originally budgeted for, or you could use the extra money to travel - so this could turn into a great summer for you! 
For UK students looking to study abroad, it's the opposite scenario! For them, everything just got that bit more expensive. Whether it's booking a flight or meeting the cost of overseas course fees. Those UK students who did not prepay will be hoping for the pound to strengthen again, after the immediate Brexit shock!

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