Things To Do in London This Easter Weekend

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The four-day Easter weekend is coming up, and we have some brilliant suggestions for things to do in London. Whether you prefer to go back to your childhood with an Easter Egg hunt, go to a church service, or have a big night out clubbing, we've got the perfect thing for you.

Kew's Mayan Chocolate Adventure


Where? Kew Gardens, West London
When? Daily until Sunday 15th April, 9.30am-7.30pm
How Much? £11.90


The world famous gardens at Kew are always fun around Easter time. This year they are focussing on Mayan culture and the history of chocolate. Perfect for all ages, they've got everything from Easter egg hunts, to tours through the plants that teach you about chocolate. Remember how much fun Easter was when you were a kid? You can bring that joy back at Kew Gardens.

The Boat Race

Boat Race


Where? The Thames River, Central London
When? Saturday 7th April, 2.15pm
How Much? Free


The Boat Race between Oxford and Cambridge universities is one of the best known British traditions. For over 150 years, the two universities have battled it out on the Thames in a rowing race that today attracts up to 300,00 spectators. The perfect place to catch a glimpse of the race and enjoy the atmosphere is in a pub garden along the river. Click through for some suggestions.

The Passion of Jesus Play

Passion of Jesus


Where? Trafalgar Square
When? Friday 6th April, Noon and 3.15pm
How Much? Free


A unique open-air play is being performed in the middle of Trafalgar Square on Friday, with a cast of over 100 actors. The Wintershall Players are presenting two performances of ‘The Passion of Jesus', and anyone can turn up for a bit of free theatre.

Big Egg Hunt

Big Egg Hunt


Where? Throughout London
When? Until Monday 9th April
How Much? Free


If you've been in London at all in the last month, then chances are you will have seen loads of large, egg sculptures all over the place. Apparently they're not just there to look nice, but are actually part of the world's biggest ever Easter egg hunt. Designed and decorated by various artists, the eggs are there to raise money for charity and give you the chance to win a special Diamond Jubilee Egg.

Easter Church Services

St Pauls


Where? St. Paul's Cathedral or Westminster Abbey
When? Sunday 8th April, morning
How Much? Free


Going to services at the famous churches in London is a brilliant way to experience them as they were intended. The Easter Sunday service is one of the nmost important of the year, and will sure to be packed. Why not check out the services over the weekend at St. Paul's Cathedral, or Westminster Abbey.

Easter Sunday Lunches

Easter Lunch


Where? Throughout London
When? Sunday 8th April
How Much? Anywhere from £10-50


One of the brilliant traditions of Easter is to have an amazing roast dinner for lunch on the Sunday. London has some of the very best places in the world for a good Sunday roast, with pubs and restaurants suiting all budgets and tastes. You should have a wander around your local area over the next few days to see what looks nice and make sure you book, as it is bound to be busy this weekend.

British Art

Damien Hirst


Where? Tate Modern and National Portrait Gallery
When? Daily
How Much? £9-14


As part of the cultural side of the Olympics, a whole host of top British artists have exhibitions in London over the coming months. Two of the most well known artists in the world are currently showing. Damien Hirst is undoubtedly the richest, most controversial and most talked about artist in the world. His work is currently being shown at the Tate Modern. Similarly, you can go and see the brilliance of Lucien Freud's paintings at the National Portrait Gallery until the 27th May.

Clubbing at Fabric



Where? Fabric, EC1
When? Friday 6th April, 10pm-6am
How Much? £10


Fabric is one of the biggest and best clubs in London, with huge nights out every Friday and Saturday. This being a Bank Holiday weekend, the nights are even bigger than usual, with the Friday night acting as a showcase of all the best young talent around in the world of electronic music.


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