Why I Won’t Complain About Complainers

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People complain all around the world. But I would not condemn it. The fact that they are not satisfied with their lives means that they want to move on. It is still better than staying idle and putting up with one's current lot.

It is almost Murphy's Law, or let's call it Erik's law, that there are as many people seeking jobs in London as there are residents (or even more, I would say, because of the number of people commuting to work). But whenever I greet someone new in our house, they will always say that they are looking for a job. I reply: "so are 7 million other people here".

Even if they are doing well, everyone is thinking of a change. But it is natural. Life is moving fast and if we sleep in, we will be overtaken by someone from the long queue with CVs at the manager's desk. I personally hope I will be replaced at SportsDirect by the good-looking Spanish girl interviewed last month.

Similarly, everyone complains about London being busy, expensive and dirty - actually London fits any attribute - and wants to move somewhere around the outskirts. I would prefer to live somewhere in the mountains, fishing in a stream, but after a winter of complaints about the cold weather and snow, I would leave for the Caribbean where the stupid sand sneaks in between your fingers and you can hardly go out due to the hot weather. But it will be OK. Complaining about small, unimportant things testifies to the fact that life is good - there is nothing more serious to complain about.

I do not complain loudly, but often I do not feel satisfied with my life. But that's life. Dissatisfaction and the need to complain are just the mind going for a calm-down cigarette, tired of the everyday duties and pressure. I do not smoke, but looking back, I always realize that it was not so bad after all. And I hope that the same applies for most of my complaining co-citizens.

Erik Redli is a university graduate from Slovakia who is currently living in London. Read more of his posts here.

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