What accommodation options are available to international students?

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Students coming to the UK will be happy to find a wide range of accommodation options available to them during their stay in the country. Colleges and universities usually have halls of residence for their students, and some universities even offer lodging to non-affiliated students. To be considered for university housing, you should submit an application through your chosen institution.

If you decide not to apply for a place in a hall of residence or your application is unsuccessful, there are many other options to consider. Many students in the UK live in private property, although a good number of them seek to share this property with one or more people, usually fellow students. Sharing a property is financially wise, and living with people of similar interests and lifestyles provides comfort, especially when you are a long way from home.

Another cheaper option is to rent a room as a lodger in a private house, or to live with a host family, usually with children. The private sector also offers halls of residence for students, which provide an opportunity to live as part of a dynamic community.

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