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Wimbledon tennis tournament is starting in London today. Are you going to be watching it on TV? Or maybe you are going to watch it live? Let us know your experiences...

Lunar Eclipse

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There was the first total eclipse of the moon of 2011 last night. The moon had shadows over it and went a nice red colour. What was it like in your country? Did anyone get any good photos?

Student Visa Changes

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International student visas have been in the news a lot recently as the UK Government has revealed proposed plans to cut them by up to 25% over the next 5 years. However, a number of high profile academics have spoken out against this, saying it is the wrong way to stop fake students from getting visas and it may put off genuine ones.

What do you think is the best way to stop 'fake' students from getting visas? Do you feel threatened by these new visa changes?

Feeding homeless ILLEGAL!

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"...a heartless group of Tories have ­revealed their true colours by banning charities from running soup kitchens for the ­homeless.

Conservative Westminster council in Central London also wants to make it an offence to sleep rough – while slashing £5million of funding to hostels.

Astonishingly, town hall chiefs claimed soup kitchens only “encourage” people to sleep on the streets.

Westminster council, one of the richest in the land, wants to bring in a bylaw making it an offence to “give out food for free”, punishable by fines. The twisted move blows apart David Cameron’s Big Society boast that an army of ­volunteers will flock to help those worse off."

Student Recycling

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Recycling is a topic of interest to businesses and households as we increasingly become more aware of the waste we produce.

In this video by the BBC students are being targeted in Newcastle as part of an experiment to see how young people react to images of their rubbish being posted online.

I'm not sure whether naming the student will deter or attract them to recycle but it's an interesting idea.

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