London School of Economics (LSE)

Quick Facts

  • Location: Holborn, Central London.
  • Main areas of Study: Social Sciences
  • 68% International Students
  • 45% of the 3,000 staff are from outside the UK

The London School of Economics and Political Science (or LSE for short) is a truly international university. A huge 68% of the university’s students are internationals and it has ties with institutions from all over the world.

As its name suggests, LSE specialises mainly in economics, political sciences and social sciences, in which it is the leading institution in the world. However, in addition to these disciplines, LSE also offers a wide range of other courses from Accounting to Sociology, which are also highly respected.

One of the biggest benefits of studying at LSE is the location. Based in the centre of London, students enjoy all the cultural and social perks that such a busy international city offers. These range from literally hundreds of restaurants and cafes, to dozens of museums and art galleries.