University of Manchester

Quick Facts

  • 39,000 students; approximately 660 academic staff; income of £134 million
  • Over 1,400 courses
  • 23% International Students
  • Main areas of Study: Wide Ranging.

If you choose to study at the University of Manchester, you will certainly be in good company, as Manchester has the most international students of any university in the UK. Indeed, there are 8,800 internationals from 180 different countries studying at Manchester, making up 23% of the total number of students.

Students can choose from a huge range of subjects at Manchester, almost all of which have a very strong reputation within the UK. The vast number of students and courses at Manchester has even led to it being called ‘Britain’s most popular university’. The university is a city based institution, with its buildings spread throughout Manchester in the north of England. The city of Manchester is renowned for its vibrant night life, thriving music scene and world famous sports teams.

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