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Why Some Animal Lovers Eat Meat

I have always loved animals, sometimes more so than people honestly. If you compare the behavior of some individuals to that of your pet, you can't help but feel that animals can be much kinder than some humans.

I know I'm not the only person who feels this way; bearing that in mind, it seemed very strange to me that given the circumstances, some animal-lovers, while very kind to animals, looked at them in two completely different ways. The first: kind, cute, harmless ANIMALS. The second: delicious, juicy, medium-rare DISH OF THE DAY. Basically, they have the ability to transform according to their surroundings, in this case, a Restaurant or a Petting Zoo.

Why do some people who adore animals, feel completely fine with eating them?

1. Disassociation

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Cat 'Arrested' at Brazilian Prison?!

A prisoner has enlisted the help of an unusual source at a Brazilian prison to smuggle in contraband. A white cat was caught crossing the main prison gate with everything needed for an escape taped to its body.

Guards at the jail in Arapiraca city, on the east coast of Brazil, were alerted when they noticed the unusual sight. The cat had strapped to it a mobile phone and charger, earphones, drills, batteries, a memory card and several small files.

A spokesman for the prison has since been quoted by a local paper, saying: "It's tough to find out who's responsible for the action as the cat doesn't speak". However, it appears the cat's name has been cleared after the feline was taken to a nearby animal centre, unharmed after its role in such a daring plot. 

Brazilian prisons are notoriously tough, forcing visitors to come up with more and more ingenious ways to make their lives that little bit easier.

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The Great Downing Street Cat Fight

As the famous home of the British prime minister and chancellor, Downing Street is used to seeing its fair share of disagreements. However, this week has seen one slightly different to your regular political scrap.

Photos have emerged of chancellor George Osborne's cat Freya, attacking David Cameron's Larry (pictured above). Downing Street have even released a statement on it, with the prime minister's spokeswoman claiming the two animals are able to co-exist, but she would not "get into commenting on the adventures of our feline friends".

It is tradition for the prime minister to own a cat at 10, Downing Street, whose main duties are to keep any mice away. Indeed, Larry was ‘hired' last year after a rat was seen scurrying past 10, Downing Street during a live TV broadcast. However, after shirking his duties- preferring a long sleep, George Osborne's Freya has been brought in to help out.


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