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Fresher checklist 2019

The grades are in, your university place has been secured after a few nail-biting months of anticipation, and you're ready to fly the nest. Heading off to University is an exciting yet daunting time of our young adult lives, on one hand the transition is full of change and nerve-wracking experiences as you meet new people and familiarise yourself you're your surroundings, and on the other it's the start of one of life's most thrilling journey's. If you've been used to your parents making life easy for you, then you'll soon need to learn how to take care of yourself and understand the many dials on a washing machine.

If your big move from family home to freshers' digs is on the horizon, then you might be wondering what items you'll need to pack for the start of your new life. Don't worry, everyone else will be in the same boat and asking the same questions as you.  This list of essentials is sure to help you with the first step...

All of the essential bedding

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