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Happy Holi: The Festival of Colours

Today in India, people are celebrating what is probably the most colourful festival in the world- Holi. Indeed, the festival, which marks the beginning of Spring has even taken on the name the Festival of Colours.

Though traditionally a Hindu festival, the sheer fun of it attracts Indians of all religions, and huge numbers of tourists, to join the celebrations each year. Large crowds gather throughout the country before people begin to hurl gulal (coloured powder) around, roaming the streets and celebrating with others. Buckets of rang (or coloured water) are thrown over passers-by, as people of all ages and social status join the celebrations.

However, there is also still a religious context to the festival, with devoted Hindus praying for days in their temples, often whilst covered in multi-coloured paint themselves. You can get an idea from the pictures in the video below of the scale and colour of the festival.

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