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Graduate weapons for attacking the job hunt – PR

The graduate weapons returns, this time to show you how to make your applciation stand out when applying to graduate jobs in PR. My aim over the next few hundred words is to provide you grads with a mini-insight into the industry of public relations; what’s it all about, what opportunities lie within, and most importantly, what qualities you’ll need to arm yourself with in order to win the fight against the thousands of other candidates battling for your future position.

Contrary to the Ab Fab portrayal of PR-nut Eddy, a career in public relations is more than just celebs and champers. Granted, this industry can be a touch more glam than your average office job but alongside that, PR can be a prosperous and rewarding career path for any grad. PR essentially handles the reputation of a brand, organisation or person. Whether in-house, via an agency or freelance, the role of PR is chiefly to build, maintain and protect the reputation of the client. This is achieved by communicating what they do, tailoring what they say and influencing what others say about them through various media (think press releases, social media, events).

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Graduate weapons for attacking the job hunt: digital

Digi-devils this one’s for you. At a time when it’s not uncommon to see career paths and industries disappear altogether, there seems to be a growth in innovative career paths of a digital nature allowing for a blossom in opportunities for the computer literature, socially savvy graduates of today. Not only are we seeing a rise in opportunities, but there’s been a significant increase in support and funding for the digital sector. With estimates of more than 1.2 million new science, technology, maths and engineering jobs by 2018 as a result of rapid advancements in technology; careers in digital will continue to rise. The other promising factor lies within the range of potential jobs that exist under the digital umbrella from marketing and advertising to digital account handling, and social media. The ever changing and emerging job titles that 5 years ago were unheard of, only serves to demonstrate the increasing demand for digital skills.

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