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Take a Piece of Home With You When Studying in the UK

The UK welcomes thousands of international students every year. These students attend colleges and universities here to get a good education, breaking their ties with their homes and leaving loved ones behind.

For some this separation is harder than they ever anticipated. Many have English as a second language and a few can struggle to communicate and make new friends, leaving them home sick and struggling.


Every student understands the importance of a budget. Many students work part time to supplement their income, but arriving in a foreign country and moving into an empty apartment close to campus can be a nightmare.

With international shipping and removals from John Mason, students are able to bring a piece of home with them on their journey and enjoy comforts of home in their new apartment without breaking the bank and buying new furniture.

When you weigh up the cost of buying new furniture on arrival and the time it takes, bringing pieces from home makes all the sense in the world. This way the student gets a furnished apartment with all the comforts from home, reducing the home sickness and stress and enabling them to concentrate on their degree rather than worrying about furniture.

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