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Dundee University Tops Student Experience Survey

Students at the University of Dundee officially have the best experience during their studies according to a freshly released survey. For the first time in five years, Loughborough University has been knocked off the top spot in the annual Times Higher Education (THE) Student Experience Survey, falling to second place.

The university ratings are based on the views of more than 14,000 undergraduate students in the UK. They were asked to rate their university in 21 different categories, including the quality of staff, structure of courses, social life and university facilities and student accommodation. These categories are then given different weightings depending on their importance to the overall student experience.

Dundee Fights Off Competition

Dundee rose to the top, from fifth position last year, after students praised the university's convenient facilities, cheap shops, excellent students' union and fair workload. The president of Dundee Students' Association, Iain Kennedy, explained:

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LSE: The Libya School of Economics

The fact that LSE professors (including former LSE director Sir Howard Davies) formally advised the Libyan government of Muammar Gaddafi and received thousands of pounds in research grants as compensation did not come as a big surprise to me.

Many academic institutions and individual scholars offer consulting services to governments around the world, sometimes even encouraged by their own governments. The controversy does not lie in these services per se, but rather in the disputed ethics of serving dictatorial and repressive regimes.

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