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How to Afford Your Tuition Fees

Some college students regularly donate plasma; others ride a bike to class so they don't need to pay for car insurance. There's really two main schools of thought when it comes to paying for college tuition. One entails getting accepted to school and using student loans to cover all foreseeable expenses, and then there are students who try to ensure that they don't amass debt while getting an education. There are military tuition discounts that you may get just by being enlisted and attending a certain college. If you're looking for guaranteed methods for making your college tuition a little lower, continue to read.

Go to School In-State

If you absolutely want to get the cheapest rates on tuition you should look at colleges that are located in your home state. It might sound strange, but if you have a choice of two colleges nearby and one happens to be over the state border, the one that is located in your state of residence will likely have more affordable tuiton fees. This is because state-run colleges give local residents the best deal on tuition. Now, if you decide to go to a specialized school, such as one that teaches automotive repair or creative arts, you might find that there is less of a discount for in-state students. On the other hand, almost every school still rewards students financially when they stay in-state.

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