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Last Minute Valentine’s Day Ideas

Every year Valentine's Day is on the 14th February and yet every year it seems to creep up on everyone, leaving some worried people without any idea of what to do. If you're in that situation now with just a day left to organise something, here we have some top last minute ideas for you.

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The Weird and Wonderful Valentine's Day Traditions Throughout the World

Across the world people are showing their love for one another today as part of Valentine's Day. Whilst here in Britain these days it is simply the case of couples buying each other chocolates and flowers and going for a romantic meal out, there are some slightly more unusual traditions in other cultures. Here we look at some of the best current and historical traditions enjoyed on Valentine's Day:

Britain: Valentine's Day in the UK hasn't always been such a boring, commercialised celebration. Traditionally, it has been considered the day on which birds chose their mates, and in parts of the county of Sussex, it is still referred to as the Birds' Wedding Day. On the theme of birds there are also some very unusual superstitions surrounding the day. If a woman saw a sparrow flying overhead, it meant she would marry a poor man but be happy, or alternatively if she saw a goldfinch then she would marry a rich man. If she saw a robin then it meant she would marry a sailor...apparently.

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