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There's a new iPhone! I don't get why they don't just call it the iPhone 5?!? What is differnet about it??


Haha! YES I thought that. Apple love presenting new products. There is probably some tiny little change that means they can put the price up by $100!

I have an iPhone 4 but definitely not going to bother getting a 4s! I'll just wait for number 5 to come out!

When is the iPhone 5 coming out? Does anyone know?

That's what I want to know too! But I don't think they have set a date yet. Could be years :(

I don't know what to do? I was waiting for the iPhone 5 for my upgrade..

iPhone users' are easily persuaded by new models, if you do your market research you will find lots of other handsets that have been out for months which have similar or even better features than the new iPhone offers.

I've got an HTC at the moment, but I think I might get an iPhone 5 when it comes out (if it is soon!)

Yeah, I agree. HTC is best for me!

Some people must like it- there are 2 people who have already been queuing since last Friday and it's not even out til Friday this week!!