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Barbie & Ken's Real 'Tragic' Life

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Saw these pictures of real life interpretations of Ken and Barbie's lives and thought it was worth sharing, quite clever eh?

Ken & Barbie: Life In Plastic

> More pics

Christmas parties

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Hy guys, are ther any Christmas parties on the weekend of 16th 17th and 18th for the end of the term?

Could you suggest me something?

Cheers guys.


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Hi guys,I have joined this group only yesterday,as you can see.

I am currently studying at Birkbeck,History Course.I live with three flatmates but they are all older than me and they are all really busy with work.

I have arrived in London almost a month ago because,although i did not have the opportunity to meet many people.That's also because my Uni has lectures and seminars in the evening and there are not so many young students in there.

Could anyone be so kind to tell me how can I get in touch qith some students?Are there any parties or things like that?

Thank you very much.

European Holiday

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I'm thinkig of going somewhere in Europe for a weekend in November. Can anyone recommend anywhere please?

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