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There is absolutely no doubt that you will need to buy books over the course of your studies – and probably quite a few! Buying books is costly and sometimes time consuming, especially if you have to go from shop to shop looking for the one you need, without success.

Ordering books online can therefore, save you both time and money; there are always student and special online discounts to be had and if the book is out of stock.

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Foyles is the world's most famous bookshop, and the five floors at their London flagship store, stock over 200,000 different titles

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Blackwell has a focus on academic books so is the perfect place to buy university course textbooks, saving time & money.

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Lonely Planet is the world's leading publisher of travel books, with over 600 guidebooks, covering every corner of the planet.

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Amazon has a huge range of text books and fiction with free delivery to anywhere in the UK & bargain prices.

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Reference or leisure, there will be some books that you will not need to actually purchase and instead, be able to borrow from your university or local council library, once you have become a member (usually for free or a nominal fee).

University libraries will have a wider choice and greater number of academic books. Many libraries have online search facilities, so you can check if the book you need is available in advance. Loan periods can vary from 1 week to 3/4 weeks, depending on the number of copies available and the popularity of the book in question.

In addition to books, libraries also often have DVDs, CDs and videos on loan, as well as a good selection of daily newspapers to read when you are there.

You will usually also find photocopying and other IT facilities which at times, can be very useful!

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