Foreign Students Study Packages

The UK is a fantastic place to study, but leaving your home country to study abroad can be a scary and confusing decision to make. Deciding what to study and where, going through the admissions process and applying for a visa and scholarship can all seem daunting at first. Equally, when you arrive it can be difficult finding the right accommodation, opening a bank account and arranging travel. Packages

This is where we come in. Our experts have years of experience in the UK higher education system and we have helped countless students through the admissions process. We can help YOU every step of the way, whether you don't know where to start, or you're arriving in the UK soon and simply want a friendly advice service to help you settle in.

Simply choose the package that suits you best from the options below and click through for more information. Tailor made solutions are also available- please contact us here for details and pricing. 


Free Study Package Student Life Starter Pack Admissions Starter Pack


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