3 dream fashion jobs perfect for new graduates

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Although you've been dreaming of a career in fashion for as long as you can remember, as you near the end of university and get ready to enter the world of work, the doubts are slowly starting to creep in.

Whilst most watched The Devil Wears Prada and loved Miranda Priestly's icy stare even more than they admired Andy's chic transformation, you felt terrified.

The film, like most of Hollywood's depictions of the fashion world, doesn't exactly offer a glowing review of the industry.

But don't be discouraged.

Whilst it's certainly not the easiest to break into, there are plenty of ways to win yourself a coveted job in fashion - if you're prepared to venture off the beaten track and make your own opportunities, that is.

Here are three such career paths you might not have thought about before. Take a look.

#1: start a blog

Seeing their name printed in Vogue may have been once been the goal of all wannabe fashion journalists, but today most dream of being a fulltime blogger.

Online influencers not only earn a lot of money (some brands and businesses will pay upwards of $100,000 per post to those with big enough followings), they also get to enjoy the freedom of being their own boss.

So if your passion for Chanel handbags is matched only by your love of grammatically perfect copy, set yourself up on a free blogging platform and start sharing your sartorial insights with the world. Support your work with social media posts, build yourself a fanbase and you'll eventually tap into that serious earning potential.

#2: run an online shop

There are lots of thriving online fashion retailers, so why not join their ranks by launching your own eCommerce business? To outshine all the competition, though, you need to understand your target audience and come up with a niche angle to get their attention.

Take AX Paris. They know that whether their customer is looking for a flirty prom dress or a bodycon mini that's perfect for nightclubs, they don't want to have to break the bank to treat themselves. Their solution is an extensive range of high-quality but low price clothing.

Do some market research and identify your unique selling point before you do anything else. Once you've got those basics sorted out, you can get started with the fun stuff, like branding and buying stock.

#3: marketing/PR

What is it about the fashion industry that so intrigues you? If the answer is access to glam parties, travelling the world for photoshoots and rubbing shoulders with the hottest designers, then a career in fashion marketing and PR is the option for you.

There are several different university courses that can help you get your foot on the ladder, but if another three years of studying sounds like hell on earth to you right now, don't worry.

Internships are a great way to meet fashion marketing professionals and build your CV. Although it can be frustrating to work for free, remember this is just a starting point. Put the effort in, show commitment and you'll nab yourself a paid job in due course.

There you have it, our pick of three dream fashion jobs that'll help you crack into the industry. No matter what path you go for, work hard and you'll soon have a successful career to be proud of.

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