4 ways to earn while you learn in the UK

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The UK has some excellent universities, and a British degree is still highly-prized by international students and employers.

But the cost of studying at a UK university can be high - and varies widely according to which area you choose and your nationality.

This means grabbing enough cash to support yourself is crucial - so here are four ways to earn while you learn in the UK.

1.   Course type

Studying a course that involves regularly attending classes in a physical campus means there's little spare time to work.

So irregular class times and commitments might mean that they type of jobs you can apply for is limited.

However, you can often study a similar degree course through distance learning at the same institution.

And the flexibility of learning when it suits you best means you can work regular hours earning a steady income.

2.   UK nations

There are also several pros and cons for studying in either England, Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland.

With its status as a global economic and cultural capital, London's appeal is obvious. But the living costs associated with an education in the British capital can be high.

You might need a little less spending money in Scotland and, unlike it southern neighbour, it doesn't charge course fees for undergraduate EU students.

But Wales and Northern Ireland also have their attractions - research the various levels of fees and funding available before taking the plunge.

3.   Traditional jobs

A lack of relevant experience means younger students often choose part-time jobs that don't require qualifications or a length CV - bar work or delivery roles in the gig economy are popular.

But if you're a slightly older student who has chosen a  course to switch careers you might have more options - corporate professionals who are adept at using the latest HR software and comfortable communicating with executives might pick up more lucrative office roles.

Your university might also offer paid roles that range from student ambassador to maintenance support work - all of which will enhance your resume.

But the hours you work might be affected by your UK visa type, so check carefully before accepting a new role.

4.   Online work

If you find the thought of working from home appealing, online work is another attractive option.

There are several reasons more companies are letting employees work from home  - higher productivity, no commuting time and greater job satisfaction to name but a few.

And if you can secure a role with a company, it provides peace of mind.

But it's also possible to pick up freelance work writing blogs and articles or using your digital skills to optimise websites and manage social media for clients.

If you're an artist, you can also raise cash through crowdfunding platforms like Patreon that make it possible to get paid for your artistic passions while you study.

These four ways to earn while you learn in the UK allow you to maintain a more comfortable lifestyle while you boost your long-term career plans.

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