4 Ways to Make Your Studies Abroad Economical

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If your country doesn't have the right university that teaches your favorite subject, the only option left is to study abroad. But studying in a different country means added expenses. You not only have to pay for a higher tuition fee, but expenses like apartment rent, food, and transportation will also add to the list. Not many students have millionaire parents who can afford such steep expenses without a second thought. So, if you want to follow your passion and study the subject you love, here are a few ways you can make your dream more economical:

1) Look for financial aid options and scholarships

Consider this as a thumb rule: unless you apply for financial aid or scholarship, you won't get one. You shouldn't feel shy about applying. Go through the college admission form to check whether they provide any of these options to students. It doesn't matter whether you are a domestic or international student. In fact, some colleges offer financial aid because they are aware of the added expenses students need to incur after they leave their hometown.

2) Sell old textbooks online

There's no point keeping your old books in the house. They not only take up space but also invite termites. Moreover, it is better not to donate those books to the library or school bookstore. If you are lucky, you might end up getting a nickel. So, the best way to make the most of those books are selling them online. There are various websites where you can sell your textbooks and earn a significant amount of money. That might help to cover the rent at least for a couple of months.

3) Check for affordable programs

Many colleges or universities provide exchange programs. This is one of the most inexpensive ways to study abroad. You only pay for the tuition fees of your college to take the course overseas. Some colleges also offer their own study in a foreign branch. Grab this opportunity with both hands to make your dream come true. However, these programs are usually for a limited period. So, consider all the pros and cons of the course before applying.

4) Always travel cheap

Remember, you are going overseas to study; not roam around like a tourist. You will have limited cash to spend. So, spend it wisely. Always live in a shared apartment. This helps to divide the rent with other tenants living in the same room. Also, don't go about spending on food and drunks like a tourist. Going to a fancy restaurant once in a while is still okay. But try to save as much money as possible, especially in the first few months.

You should also use your student discount to best effect. Most students abroad buy an ISIC or International Student Identity Card that provides hefty discounts on transportation, hostels, books, etc.

Now that you know some of the tricks to study economically abroad get that frown off your face. Cheer up because it's time to fill out that application form and head to the college of your dreams.

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