5 Ways to Stay Calm this Easter

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As the UK starts to descend into chaos ahead of the Easter Bank Holiday weekend, thousands of families will be hitting the road to spend some quality time with one another.

We've searched the web to find its very own hidden easter egg gems and present to you the top 5 ways to cope with this hectic time of the year:


1) Wherever you are make sure you are stocked up with essential supplies

Easter Egg Christmas Tree

— Jonny Hogan (@jogan_bonito) March 27, 2013

2) Take eggvantage of the season of egg based puns



3) Think back to your fond Easter memories when you were a child

Awkward Easter Bunny

— awkwardfamilyphotos.com

4) Remember that every holiday is just an excuse to eat more cake

Easter Bunny Cakes
— ohwhatafrenzy.tumblr.com

5) If all else fails, question everything you know

"That Awkward Moment...when you realize that Easter is celebrated two days after Good Friday yet the Scriptures say Jesus was resurrected three days after his death.

That even more awkward moment...when you realize he died on a Wednesday and not a Friday."

- scandiumcloud.tumblr.com

Afshin Rohani is a web and tech writer for ForeignStudents.com.

Featured photo by RiverRatt3 on Flickr

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