Christmas in Paris: An Unforgettable Experience

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Paris is one of the best tourist destinations in the world. It is considered the most romantic city on earth, and is certainly one of the most advanced cities in the world. Paris in the month of December is even more of a treat because of the all the lights, the glitter, and the decorations for the most celebrated event of the year- Christmas.

It is the mother of all festivals, and like all European capitals, Paris is decked out and spruced up to welcome the festival. Despite chilly winters, people are in a happy and cheerful mood to celebrate Christmas, and the happy faces and decorated shops tell the story to all those who arrive here in the last week of December.


When you are in Paris on a family vacation, make sure you get an apartment in Paris rather than a hotel room. This is one way of ensuring more comfort for the family, as apartments will have a separate bedroom for the kids and yet are surprisingly light on your pocket. If you have been to Holland or Hungary before, you must have seen the craze for staying in an apartment in Amsterdam and the popularity of staying at apartment in Budapest - that reflects on the fact that apartments are becoming more popular than hotel rooms all over Europe.

What To Do

Thousands of honeymooners arrive in Paris to see the Eiffel Tower, which has become a symbol of love. However, you don't have to be recently married to enjoy it, and at Christmas, when you see the Tower lit up and decorated, you can feel as if you are in a paradise. It feels so romantic, especially if you are on holiday in Paris in the month of December.

If you have kids with you, Disneyland Paris is also spectacular at Christmas with special events going on. Their happy faces will tell the story of what they get from this trip.

Not for nothing is Paris nicknamed the City of Lights. If you go during Christmas and New Year, the city is totally lit up and the skyline looks majestic with all the glitter and reflection. Just having a chance to stroll on the streets of the city during Christmas is enough to fill you and your partner with romance.

Going in December you also get the added bonus of the shopping malls having lots of discounts and other promotional offers to entice customers who are already in a shopping mood for Christmas. The show windows of all the big stores are beautifully decorated and lit up to entice customers. Though there is a rush of customers, the mood in general is one of gaiety and cheerfulness.

Food & Drink

All the restaurants serve delicacies and recipes that they hold back for this festive season. Plus bakery shops are full of customers who are busy stocking up for Christmas, to make cakes and to have other cookies and chocolates at home ready for the guests and friends who visit during the festive period. French cuisine and French wines are famous all over the world and it is only natural for restaurants and cafes to be full of customers during this festive season.

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