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Brighton: The UK Actually Has a Beach!

If I could have named one thing about the UK that I was sure would definitely not in a million years impress me, it would have been its beaches. I was fortunate to grow up surrounded by beaches of warm deep blue Caribbean waters and the whitest, finest sand. After spending many summers in Varadero, Cuba's most famous beach, not even its Miami or Hawaii counterparts were able to fulfill me. I thus did not look forward to visiting UK beaches, and only did so because the International Students House Travel Club organized a day trip to Brighton, a beach resort area on the south coast of the country.

As it turns out, Brighton did impress me. Sure, the sand looked dark and rocky, and the water colder than one could bear. But the beautiful Brighton Pier seemed to smile under a radiant sun. Parents and their children came to the pier in colorful clothes, sampling the many restaurants, arcade and fairground attractions. Along the seafront row, thousands of the finest automobiles lined up for InCarNation 1000, a show that celebrates the UK's best 1000 modified and performance cars. The day smelled of happiness and spring, and blooming flowers adorned the many terrace cafes offering delicious meals at surprisingly low prices.

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A Student Guide to Visiting Mexico

Mexico impresses the visitor with both its scale and diversity; a land of tempting eats, jungle hikes, paradise isles and the ruins of an ancient empire. It's also a country where your money will go a long way.

This is all good news for the thousands of student and gap year travellers who take holidays to Mexico, through budget providers such as, every year. Armed with a few tips, you can eat, party and sleep here for the price of a meal out back home and there's a wealth of natural and cultural attractions to try in between.

There's no doubt that Mexican accommodation is a steal. Here, hostels are not the only cheap way to stay, with some budget hotels costing under £10 a night in the capital, Mexico City. Staying by the coast in a big resort like Cabo San Lucas or Cancun (pictured above) will up the prices, but some do reasonable all-inclusive deals if you're just here for a two-week break in between semesters. You could try out life the Mayan way if you're heading to the beach; sleeping in a hammock under the insanely low-cost roof of a beach hut or cabana.

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Christmas in Paris: An Unforgettable Experience

Paris is one of the best tourist destinations in the world. It is considered the most romantic city on earth, and is certainly one of the most advanced cities in the world. Paris in the month of December is even more of a treat because of the all the lights, the glitter, and the decorations for the most celebrated event of the year- Christmas.

It is the mother of all festivals, and like all European capitals, Paris is decked out and spruced up to welcome the festival. Despite chilly winters, people are in a happy and cheerful mood to celebrate Christmas, and the happy faces and decorated shops tell the story to all those who arrive here in the last week of December.

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Isle of Wight: A Student Travel Guide

One of the best things about living in the UK is how quick, easy and cheap it is to get around Britain and to mainland Europe. For short weekend breaks there are so many options it can be hard to decide where to go. To help you out we are creating a series of guides to places throughout Britain and Europe that are perfect for short holidays. If you have been anywhere exciting in Europe and want to write a short guide, then please get in contact with us.

Here, Editor Andy, describes his weekend spent on the Isle of Wight.

The Isle of Wight, England

The Isle of Wight is an English county with a difference. It is an island (surprise, surprise) a couple of miles off the south coast of England in the English Channel. As well as mile upon mile of beach and unspoilt scenery, it has a number of traditional towns and villages.

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Geneva: A Student Travel Guide

A stones throw away from the United Kingdom, Europe lies across the English Channel beckoning adventurous visitors. For short weekend breaks there are so many options it can be hard to decide where to go. To help you out we are creating a series of guides to places in Europe that are perfect for short holidays. If you have been anywhere exciting in Europe and want to write a short guide, then please get in contact with us.  

This time, we venture off to Geneva, Switzerland. A city of splendour and beauty and a mix of languages and history, there is never a dull day in Geneva.

Getting There

Getting to Geneva is fairly easy, and simply involves hopping on the tube to Heathrow or the train to Gatwick and getting a short flight from London. The airlines that fly there include: Easyjet (if you are on a budget), Swiss Air, British Midlands and British Airways. The earlier you book your flights, the lower the prices.

Alternatively, if you are not opposed to a long journey, there is a train from London St. Pancras to Paris then you can catch a local train to Geneva. However, it would probably cost you less to go on Easyjet.


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