Coronavirus: What's Happening With University Admissions?

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The Coronavirus has taken over the globe by storm. Almost every country and continent in the world has been affected by it. The number of people infected by it is increasing every day, and there are no signs of it slowing down.

The race to develop a vaccine is on, and many countries are in the trial stage of vaccines. However, the time it will take to reach the public, in general, will be longer. So, we have to learn to live with the virus and take all precautions we can.

Coronavirus has hit all sectors of the economy. Be it retail, food and beverage, manufacturing, education, entertainment, etc. There is no sector that has not been affected due to lockdowns caused by the Coronavirus.

The education sector has been hit pretty hard by the Coronavirus. It has caused many schools, colleges, and universities to shut down. The future of many children all around the world has been affected.

Without a good education, it is difficult to get a good high paying job. Many of the students who are about to complete their education are more worried. They don't know how they will get good jobs. Add to that the pressure of paying the education loans. The Coronavirus has put the future of many children at stake.

We all know education requires huge costs, years of hard work, and persistence. It's like a garden where you plant a tree and continuously water it for the flower to blossom. There were many students around the world who were planning for admissions in universities, but the Coronavirus has made many changes in those.

Let's see how the Coronavirus has affected admissions in Universities around the world.

The Ground Reality

Many universities have stopped classes and asked their students to stay at home. The classes are all conducted online. While this serves as a short-term solution for the students, it makes sure that the course of education is not delayed. However, there still remains the question on how tests and grading will be conducted.

The new admissions are one area where it has been hit hard. People travel from their native places to around the world for good education opportunities. That is not possible with the current pandemic situation. Many of them will be reluctant to travel. This has affected universities a lot.

Slowed International Students

During the year 2018-2019, one-third of the international students in the US were from China. However, in a recent study in China during the month of February showed that around 36% of the students had changed their plans of going out of China to study. This was because of the Coronavirus outbreak.

In Australia, many students were unable to return to campus because of the travel bans imposed in the country. This has led to fewer applications in universities across Australia as well. Education plays an important role in the economy of Australia also and is going to be impacted heavily.

Transcontinental admissions have slowed down all around the world. It could result in billions of losses to countries, and the US alone could face losses of around 40 billion dollars.

Reduced Access to Tests

To be eligible to qualify for any university, there are certain tests that you need to take. These tests test the knowledge of the children in their subject or field of study they want to pursue.

Due to the Coronavirus, many tests around the globe have been canceled. Examinations like TOEFL, IELTS, GRE, SAT, ACT, and GMAT have been canceled in many places. If you are an international student looking to study in the US, you need to take these tests. 

As students are not being able to take these tests, it is becoming harder and harder for universities to identify the right students.

More Scholarships

As the number of students enrolling for programs is declining, the universities are trying to attract them with more scholarships. The cost of studying, especially in the US, is sky-high. By giving scholarships to students, these universities are giving lucrative offers for students to enroll. This is also beneficial for the students as they could avoid high education loans.

To End With

While the Coronavirus might have derailed the plans of many students around the world, it has provided many of them the opportunity to prepare better for these universities to have a better shot at getting in. All these hurdles are temporary, and once the Coronavirus is out of our lives, everything will start getting back to normal.

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