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Coronavirus: What's Happening With University Admissions?

The Coronavirus has taken over the globe by storm. Almost every country and continent in the world has been affected by it. The number of people infected by it is increasing every day, and there are no signs of it slowing down.

The race to develop a vaccine is on, and many countries are in the trial stage of vaccines. However, the time it will take to reach the public, in general, will be longer. So, we have to learn to live with the virus and take all precautions we can.

Coronavirus has hit all sectors of the economy. Be it retail, food and beverage, manufacturing, education, entertainment, etc. There is no sector that has not been affected due to lockdowns caused by the Coronavirus.

The education sector has been hit pretty hard by the Coronavirus. It has caused many schools, colleges, and universities to shut down. The future of many children all around the world has been affected.

Without a good education, it is difficult to get a good high paying job. Many of the students who are about to complete their education are more worried. They don't know how they will get good jobs. Add to that the pressure of paying the education loans. The Coronavirus has put the future of many children at stake.

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