Deciding Where to Move Abroad: A Guide

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When it comes to choosing a destination to move abroad, the process can be extremely complicated. There are so many great places that you could live, and it can be hard to decide! From beaches, cities, and mountain ranges, the options are endless!

On top of this, there are many things that you need to think about; otherwise, you may find yourself regretting your decision in the future.

In this article, we are going to talk about some of the things that you should consider to help you decide where to move abroad. Sound interesting? Then keep on reading!



One of the first things that most want-to-be-expats look at when deciding where to move is the safety of a particular destination. This includes looking at the local crime rates, previous natural disasters, and the politics of a specific area. It’s one of the main things that people are concerned about, and understandably so. You are moving to an entirely new location and want to make sure that you are as safe as possible! Check out these safest places in the world to help get yourself started. You would be amazed at the many different places on this list!


Travel opportunities

Another thing that you may want to consider when looking at where to move is the different travel opportunities that are available. For example, moving somewhere isolated like Australia will make traveling to other locations extremely difficult, as it is so far away from the rest of the world. Compared to somewhere like the UK, which is much closer to many other countries. It’s certainly something to think about if you love visiting new and exciting places.



One of the other main things that many people look at when deciding where to move is the current living costs of a particular location. This includes everything from housing, food, and bills, to other monthly expenses such as health insurance. The affordability can undoubtedly be the final deciding point for many, especially those that want to get more bang for their buck. Portugal, Vietnam, Panama, and Costa Rica are some of the cheapest and safest places to live in the world if you are interested!



The next thing to consider if you are planning to move abroad is the culture of a particular area. For example, there may be some places where you don’t feel comfortable or may not feel accepted. You might also prefer to move to a place that speaks your native language, rather than one that does not. While some people are excited to experience new things, others would instead stick to a place that is more in their comfort zone.



Not everyone can afford their own vehicle, especially if they have moved overseas, so another thing that you should consider is the public transport that is available in your chosen destination. Are you able to get to work? Can you quickly get to and from your local shops? How affordable is it? By asking yourself these different questions, you can determine if it is the right place for you.



The weather can be a significant deciding factor for many individuals, so before you make your final decision, make sure you take a look at what sort of climate is expected. If you prefer sunshine and beaches, you might not want to move to Russia or Greenland! 

Another thing you’ll want to think about is if the area is natural disaster prone. From hurricanes, tornados, and tsunami’s this is also mentioned above in the safety section of this article. Check out these countries most at risk of natural disasters if you want to avoid these accidents!



Another very important thing you must look into when deciding where to move is the different Visa options that the particular country offers. For example, there will be different visas if you plan on working for a company than for freelancing. The last thing you want is to be exported for not following the rules, so make sure you are able to apply for the correct length of stay so that you don’t end up being sent home.



Lastly, if you’re a picky eater but still enjoy a good meal, try and think about the food that is offered in the destination you have chosen. There is no point moving to India if you don’t like things spicy or Greece if you hate seafood! While exploring different cuisines can be exciting, it’s understandable that certain dishes aren’t going to be for everyone!


And that’s it! By following this guide above, you can start compiling a list of all of your top choices so that you can officially decide where to move abroad. While the process can be overwhelming, it’s important to remember the benefits rather than the disadvantages. There are so many incredible opportunities out there, and moving overseas can help you achieve your dreams. Good luck!


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