Educational Options Available To Foreign Students

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The UK's education sector is extremely welcoming to foreign students, with universities and colleges across the country boasting a healthy proportion of students from overseas. Whether students are looking to come to the UK to study for the first time, or are looking to continue with current or previous studies, there is a wide variety of options open to those from overseas. Here, we take a look at a small number of these options, looking at both academic and vocational opportunities.

Law conversion courses

The choice to work on a law conversion course is a popular one for graduates. While not everybody is keen to enter the world of law at undergraduate level, it often appears as a far more attractive option post-graduation.

The great news is that students are accepted on to law conversion courses from a variety of subjects. Typically the candidate will have experience of study in an area which exemplifies a strong grasp of the English language and good argumentative skills. Evidence of elective courses in legal matters will be to your advantage but will by no means be seen as necessary.

IT courses

For those looking to broaden their skill set rather than to boost their number of qualifications, the options within IT are many and varied. Courses are available for all levels of expertise and are designed to take students to all levels of proficiency. This is an excellent opportunity for unqualified foreign students to improve their employability.

The requirements for entry to an IT course will vary entirely dependent upon the level at which you wish to enter. Courses range from being suited to the beginner to advanced script writing courses designed for those looking to enter the world of computer programming.

International English

No matter which industry you are keen to enter, a good understanding of the English language is likely to be high up on your employer's list of criteria. Just as with IT, there are courses available to suit students of all levels. There are also courses designed specifically for Business English, providing a useful stepping stone for those keen to make their way in the world of business.

More information concerning which course might be right for you and how to go about enrolling in an English language course, consult the City & Guilds website.


Construction is a very popular craft in the UK and there exists a wide range of courses to reflect the diversity of the industry. Whether you're keen on the idea of bricklaying, carpentry or welding you can be sure that there is a course ready and waiting for you.

As well as proving a priceless opportunity for students to learn the key skills of the industry, construction courses are particularly helpful for those keen to make the contacts which will make acquiring work easier when the qualification and study period finally comes to an end. This is all expected to be part of the package when studying for a qualification in the UK.

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