Foreign Fridays Fact: China

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As part of Foreign Fridays, we explore a different country each week through its most unusual, amusing and odd facts. If you want your country to appear, then simply get in contact with us either in the comments below or through Facebook or Twitter.

This week it is the turn of China:

On the first day of Chinese New Year, many people, particularly
Buddhists, abstain from eating meat as they believe
that it will ensure they enjoy a long life.

We have reached the final New Year related Foreign Fridays Fact, in what has been a busy January, full of celebrations. And this week we have possibly the most famous of them all- Chinese New Year. 

In China the New Year's celebrations last for 15 days, with New Year's Day counting as day 1. During this time most people take time off work to be with family and friends, and many travel back to their home town or village. Trains, buses, roads, and planes all become packed out with people travelling across the country.

This year the Chinese will celebrate New Year on Monday 23rd January, with fireworks, festivals and traditions. It is considered bad luck to light any fires or use a knife, so all food is prepared the day before. It is thought to be bad luck to do any cleaning. Fireworks, no cleaning and pre-prepared food? Sounds like a pretty perfect day.

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