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Since we first started the spectacle that is Foreign Fridays we have tried 34 different types of food and drink. We tasted everything from Swedish herring to Jamaican jerk chicken, and Finnish egg pie to sweet Cuban pastries. However, as we welcome the New Year, we also welcome a change for Foreign Fridays.

No longer will we be exploring the world through each country's culinary exploits, but now through their most unusual, amusing and odd facts. On Facebook every Friday morning we will ask you to guess the right answer relating to a fact about a country. We will then unveil the answer in the afternoon in a blog post and with a snazzy little image below.

However, as ever, Foreign Fridays is nothing without YOU. We want you to start suggesting facts for your own country. Are radiators demi-gods in your hometown? Does your country eat 18 million shoes a year? Every country has its own brilliant quirks, and we want to hear them.

So make sure you join us on Facebook and Twitter (hashtag #foreignfridays), and get in contact with us if you want your country to feature next week.

Below you can browse through all the previous Foreign Friday facts. Click the images to read the full blog posts or see all previous blog posts here:


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