Fur Farm Cruelty

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A new investigation into animal cruelty has recently been conducted on Chinese fur farms exposing new information and spawning some extremely disturbing videos. In response, PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) has published a related video, narrated by actress Olivia Munn (link at bottom). Until a few days ago, I had been unfamiliar with this issue, until I saw the previously mentioned video. I had heard that the fur "industry" was being attacked constantly by animal rights activists but that was the extent of my knowledge on the topic.

The Video In Question

If you haven't watched the video yet or do not wish to view it at all, you should at least know its contents even if only through words.

Here is the scene:

The video starts by showing Raccoon dogs being slammed on the floor, beaten by steel rods, breaking their necks and heads all while very much alive. Some are tied and hanged on hooks then sliced through by knives, still alive and screaming. Afterwards, their skin is peeled off much like one would tear open a bag of crisps or peel off a tomato skin (if you don't believe me, watch the video). The soundtrack throughout the video of course is the terrified squeals and screams of both, the animals being skinned as well as those watching and waiting their turn.

Further along the video, caged cats and dogs are "unloaded" from the top of a vehicle by being thrown to the ground causing broken bones. The investigation reveals a case similar to the current "horse meat scandal", furs of dogs and cats are being mislabeled and sold to unassuming customers. Among those cats and dogs are some with tags and collars. Finally, the now skinless, bleeding, and in some cases still breathing, naked animals are thrown on top of each other into a huge pile.

The Workers vs the Financers

Some people take it upon themselves to do the dirty work needed in order for others to have leather shoes, fur coats and non-vegetarian meals. Their occupation requires them to beat, skin and slaughter living creatures, who feel, and they get paid to do it- it's a job.

I prefer to think that given different financial, educational or general life situations those workers would rather have another job. However inhumane they are, they just need to feed their families. To them, it's about the survival of the fittest.

On the other hand, some people actually finance such industries, they demand these products. In my opinion, they're much worse than the workers. They don't mind the live-skinning and slaughtering as long as it's done by someone else, behind closed doors. After all, we must have our fur coats and pepperoni pizzas. Wouldn't want to be one of them cotton-wearing, tree-hugging, animal-loving, vegetarians!

Fur farms are illegal in some countries including the UK; however, they are still protected by the law in many others including China and various European countries. For any industry to prosper, it must abide by the simple rules of supply and demand. Obviously, if there wasn't any money in it for these farms/factories/works, the whole industry will just shut down. It's extremely easy to put a stop to this whole thing, no demand, no supply.

You can watch the related video here. Warning, it is extremely disturbing.

Amr K. Moufid is an Egyptian student studying music in London. You can read more posts by him here.

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