How to Find Cheap Flights as a Student to London

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Students are the coolest creature on Earth. They don't worry much about luxuries. Even the students who have money always look for the cheapest ways to get things done. And what do they do with savings? Enjoy, of course. And that's how life should be. A little inconvenience is no big deal for young souls when it saves them money.

Students, especially the ones who study abroad, have to buy expensive flight tickets every few weeks or months. This opposes the whole idea of saving money. However, if you are well-informed, there are ways to get cheap flights, and without any inconvenience.  

Take Help of Student Agencies

Many student agencies offer discounts on flights to students. We are already getting discounts for movies, bus, and many other things; might as well save a few pounds on plane tickets. That said, many agencies would just attract students using the word discount and don't offer any value.

Find the Right Website to Book Tickets

Most flights are now booked online. There are online businesses who book tickets for you at cheaper rates than the official sites of the airline. There is strict competition in this industry, and every website tries to offer more affordable prices than its competitors. You have to find the right site that offers the best discount flights to London and stick to it.

Subscribe to Mailing List of Cheap Flights

Many of the discussed ticket booking services offer you to become one of their subscribers. They email all offers and discounts to their subscribers. It's an easy way to find cheap flights and you don't have to struggle for it. You can research or ask friends to find the companies that offer the most discounts and subscribe to them.

Look for an Air Courier Job

It's not in fashion the way it used to be, but there are still jobs for air couriers. Until a decade ago, it was a very popular way of free or cheap trips. All you had to do was pick up an item from the airport and deliver it to the address once you reach your destination.

Avoid the Extras on Board

Most flights, especially cost-effective ones, don't offer any extras for free. Whether its food or any other service, it's better to wait than to overpay for a small craving. See which things you are allowed on board and keep yourself busy with them.

Book Tickets in Advance

The flights booked weeks earlier than its departure are a lot cheaper. On the other hand, a ticket can cost you as much as double of the original price when booked on last minute. Try to plan your trips ahead of time whether going to university or for travelling.

Wait for Off-Season

Avoid travelling when it's the season of tourists. Flight prices tend to go up when they have a lot of customers. On the other hand, you can get good deals in September and October because not many people fly in these months. 

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