How to Stand Out from a Sea of Other Interns

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It’s no secret how competitive the graduate jobs market is these days. We’ve all read the scary headlines and scrolled through endless job adverts, all the while working ourselves up into a frenzy. “What’s going to make me stand out to an employer, when everyone has already done everything else?”


But don’t let the naysay brigade discourage you; there is always a way you’ll be able to impress an employer. You’ll just have to be creative about it.


Internships are an increasingly popular avenue to higher-level, permanent positions in competitive fields. With more and more interns on the scene, you’ll have to work a bit harder to make yourself stand out. Learning additional skills not necessarily related to your field can help you do just that. As well as allowing you to pick up new know-how, additional skills and knowledge on your CV make you seem interesting. It demonstrates that you’re driven, dynamic and that in your spare time you don’t just sit around - you’re a go-getter with keen interests who’s ready to proverbially take the bull by the horns.


Fortunately learning something new has never been easier. With sites such as Hot Courses, Coursera, and Udemy to name a few, broadening your skillset and knowledge is accessible and affordable.


Did you study French or Spanish in your GCSEs? A UK Commission for Employment and Skills (UKCES) found that 17% of employers were unable to fill vacancies due to a shortage of candidates with languages skills.


Another survey by the National Careers Service named 23% of employers’ vacancies as hard to fill based on a lack of skills, qualifications or experience. Got your eye on a publishing internship? You might be a whiz with words but if you aren’t digitally minded you may be less employable. Taking a short course in technology or social media will fix that. In the same vein, your novelty cupcake decorating class will expose your creativity and interest in foodie culture. Your employer feels like he knows you a little better already.



Whether you’re in it for the long haul and ready to pick up a second language, or just want to learn how to decorate a lampshade, each and every skill you acquire will broaden your perspective and add something to the way you think. And that will only ever work in your favour, helping you get your ideal graduate job.

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