The Labour Market in London

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So much has been said about London! It is not only the capital of a thriving and historical country, but also serves as a vibrant, influential, stable, groundbreaking city, with an advantageous location on the world map. That's why it is home to trade, commerce, and the banking system. London is a desirable place to work and live for many people. But what about employment? Is it worth to make the move to London for the sake of your career?

Some statistics on its economy and employment

Some economists claim that despite Brexit, London's local economy keeps growing. The level of employment has gone up across the country, and London is no exception, with 950.000 new positions being created. 

Wages in London are rather high and they tend to rise. According to statistics in 2019 salaries are 4% higher than in 2018 and they are predicted to grow even higher. Wages in London are between £762 (minimum) to £24,938 (maximum) per month.

The most popular professions are in the fields of: accounting, software specialists and marketing managers.

According to The Telegraph jobs section, the best weekly average salaries in London are:

  • Pilots - £1,800.90
  • Chief executives - £1,580.70
  • Marketing and sales directors - £1,341.70
  • IT directors - £1,251.60
  • Doctors - £1,192.80
  • Financial managers - £1,169
  • Brokers - £1,149

Jobs with the worst salaries in London are:

  • Waiters - £266.40
  • Theme park workers - £273.30
  • Hairdressers - £274.10
  • Cleaners- £275.40
  • Nurses - £295.70
  • Florists - £298.70

There are a lot of well-developed industries based in London. It is a hub for the service industry, financial services, manufacturing, building, fashion, art, media, and computing.. You too can try yourself to get employemnt within developing sectors, such as tourism, E-commerce, or environmental industry. In London you can find several opportunities to earn money and forge a career. If you are looking for a job in London, you can use social networks, consult recruitment agencies, or simply visit a job site, where you can find a range of job vacancies in London or in any other city that might appeal to you.

Pros and cons of living and working in London

London is a booming city and if you are hard-working, with the right skills, you can make a real success of your time here. Other benefits of working in such a cosmopolitan city include:

  • If you work and pay taxes in London, you will be making contributions to National Insurance and therefore be eligible for free medical care on the NHS. 
  • The public transportation - If you live within the city you don't really need a car.
  • If you want to create your own business, London is a perfect place for start-ups. The Government is very supportive of entrepreneurs and new businesses in the capital. 
  • You are surrounded by green parks, squares, historical places. You will never be bored in London! There are always lots of events going on and things to do.

But alas, there are some disadvantages too:

  • High cost of living. Buying a property if you have average income would prove to be very difficult. Renting is expensive too. You might well end up spending a considerable part of your salary on housing.
  • If you are accustomed to peaceful pace of life and don't like hustle and bustle of a big city, London will come as a cultural shock. So make sure you do your homework and think carefully before moving there!
  • You must be careful when crossing the road and driving a car - the steering wheel is on the right!
  • The weather is very changeable - You always have to take umbrella and layers with you! During the winter months it's really cold because of humidity.

Hopefully, we've provide you with necessary information... Now it's time for you to decide!

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