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5 Ways to Stand Out in a Tough Job Market

Obtaining qualifications such as degrees is an educational achievement and commendatory to anyone as it helps them to stand out from others in a competitive job market. When employers are looking to employ, they almost always have qualifications as a requirement.

Research has shown that qualifying widens the spectrum of job opportunities of up to 57%. Going Ivy Website is an innovative organization that helps students get into their dream schools, top colleges and universities.

A Few of the Impressive Qualifications Out There

Before going into impressive qualifications, it is essential first to find your career path. Once you have this figured out there are a few qualifications that will help you to stand out and make your resume highly appealing to employers.

A Bachelor's degree enables graduates to display the knowledge and skills required to enter the labor market. There is a Bachelor of Arts (B.A.), Bachelor of Science (B.S.), Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA), and Bachelor of Applied Science (BAS). In terms of value, a bachelor's qualification is the first step, and while you may be able to gain entry to the labor market, only a few entry-level positions will be within your reach.

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The Labour Market in London

So much has been said about London! It is not only the capital of a thriving and historical country, but also serves as a vibrant, influential, stable, groundbreaking city, with an advantageous location on the world map. That's why it is home to trade, commerce, and the banking system. London is a desirable place to work and live for many people. But what about employment? Is it worth to make the move to London for the sake of your career?

Some statistics on its economy and employment

Some economists claim that despite Brexit, London's local economy keeps growing. The level of employment has gone up across the country, and London is no exception, with 950.000 new positions being created. 

Wages in London are rather high and they tend to rise. According to statistics in 2019 salaries are 4% higher than in 2018 and they are predicted to grow even higher. Wages in London are between £762 (minimum) to £24,938 (maximum) per month.

The most popular professions are in the fields of: accounting, software specialists and marketing managers.

According to The Telegraph jobs section, the best weekly average salaries in London are:

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