Latest James Bond Smashes Records

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Whenever a new James Bond film is released it is always causes quite a stir. The quintessential British spy always manages to capture the world's attention in a way that few others can. However, even by Bond's standards, the latest film- Skyfall, has been HUGE.

Starring Daniel Craig as the lead role for the third time, and directed by Sam Mendes (of American Beauty fame), the film has been getting high praise from critics. This praise has translated in to cold, hard cash, with Skyfall taking £20.1m in its opening weekend in the UK alone.

This it the biggest opening of any film in 2012 so far, and the second largest ever after the final Harry Potter film. It is also the biggest ever opening for a 2D film and broke the record for highest ever Saturday attendance figures. All that is pretty impressive in anyone's book.

However, there is more. By the end of the weekend, the film was at the number 1 spot in 25 countries around the world, and is easily on course to become the most successful Bond film of all time. All this, and it isn't even due to open in the US for another two weeks.

If you haven't seen Skyfall yet, watch the trailer below to whet your appetite:

Next Films Revealed

Even with Skyfall only just releases, details of the next Bond films have been revealed. The next two films will form a two-part original story, and it has been suggested that Daniel Craig is eager to stay on for at least these two movies.

The films are being written by John Logan who co-wrote Skyfall and has Hugo, Gladiator and The Aviator credits to his name. Other than that, no details have been revealed, though you can be sure that after the massive success of Skyfall, the excitement for the next Bond will be as high as ever.

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