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Great Entertainment Activities for Students in Indianapolis

No matter what country you hail from, there is one thing common to all college students, and that would be having fun. You may occasionally find that one student who likes nothing more than to hit the books, but even they need a night out once in a while. What happens, however, if you are studying in a foreign university and haven't the first clue where to go or what to do? For those new to Indianapolis, you can find a huge number of great entertainment activities for students. Here is a sampling of what you might like to do.

Check Out the Latest Breakout Rooms

Sometimes, it just helps to step away from the books for just a brief time to get your mind off the upcoming midterms or finals. While you want to keep your mind sharp, you want to get away from physics or programming for an evening. Why not check out the latest breakout rooms? An hour in an Indianapolis Escape Room might be just what you need. Take along a group of friends and work together as a team to solve the challenge. You are given exactly an hour to break out of the room by solving the mystery or puzzle. Beat the clock and you win. Let the time run out without finding the solution and its game over folks. Fast and fun, this is an activity any student will love.

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Five Best TV Shows to Replace Breaking Bad

For many of us there is a giant hole that has recently been created in our lives. I am of course talking about that gap that Breaking Bad has left after finishing a few weeks ago. It's always good to have a TV series on the go, so, we've gathered together our five favourites you can watch at the moment to replace your weekly dose of excitement.

1. Homeland

Watch the latest season here on 4od or catch up with Season 1 & 2 by buying the DVDs on Amazon

The obvious choice to replace Breaking Bad. The latest season started up two weeks ago in the UK on Channel 4, and will certainly give you that same weekly helping of tension. The show started out with the premise of an American prisoner coming back from Iraq after being released from years of captivity. The mystery is whether he has been ‘turned' by his captors against the US.

After dozens of twists and turns, it is now more of a general story of the CIA fighting terrorism, though the same brilliant main characters are still bossing it. Whilst the latest season hasn't started all that brilliantly, it is certainly still worth giving a go.


2. Peaky Blinders

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Enjoying a Night In Whilst Studying Abroad

When you're preparing to study abroad in the UK, you'll likely be doing a great deal of research on the activities and entertainment that will surround you at your university of choice. Indeed, the thrill of studying in a foreign country is in soaking up that country's culture, and enjoying new experiences with the people and events there. It's always best to make a full effort to immerse yourself as much as possible.

But that doesn't mean you won't have nights when you'd rather just stay in your dorm room, or apartment, or wherever else you may be staying. University life can be exhausting, and while it's important to get out and experience your environment, nothing beats a relaxing night in now and again. So here are our 5 tips for how students from abroad can easily relax and enjoy themselves without ever leaving the room.

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Latest James Bond Smashes Records

Whenever a new James Bond film is released it is always causes quite a stir. The quintessential British spy always manages to capture the world's attention in a way that few others can. However, even by Bond's standards, the latest film- Skyfall, has been HUGE.

Starring Daniel Craig as the lead role for the third time, and directed by Sam Mendes (of American Beauty fame), the film has been getting high praise from critics. This praise has translated in to cold, hard cash, with Skyfall taking £20.1m in its opening weekend in the UK alone.

This it the biggest opening of any film in 2012 so far, and the second largest ever after the final Harry Potter film. It is also the biggest ever opening for a 2D film and broke the record for highest ever Saturday attendance figures. All that is pretty impressive in anyone's book.

However, there is more. By the end of the weekend, the film was at the number 1 spot in 25 countries around the world, and is easily on course to become the most successful Bond film of all time. All this, and it isn't even due to open in the US for another two weeks.

If you haven't seen Skyfall yet, watch the trailer below to whet your appetite:

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A British Tradition: The Beer Festival

On a wet Saturday afternoon this weekend I caught the train out of London, away from the traffic and bustle of the city. My destination was the annual beer festival at a small country village called Penn Street. I grew up nearby, but I'd never been to the festival before, and so decided what better way to spend a weekend than drinking fine beers.

Beer is one of the great British drinks, and beer festivals are one of the great British traditions. There are hundreds of breweries up and down the country, each proud of their particular beer. At a festival, you can forget the watery, fizzy lagers of bars, and instead indulge in ales, bitters and porters.

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