LIVE: Kate Middleton Goes into Labour

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Britain awoke to the exciting news this morning that Kate Middleton had finally been admitted to hospital after going into labour.

After several false rumours in the last 10 days, a statement came from Kensington Palace at 7.30am this morning that read:

"Her Royal Highness the Duchess of Cambridge has been admitted this morning to St Mary's hospital, Paddington, London, in the early stages of labour. The duchess travelled by car from Kensington Palace to the Lindo wing at St Mary's hospital with the Duke of Cambridge."

A spokesman has since added that "things are progressing as normal". We will be bringing all the latest updates live over the course of the day as things progress:

  • 8.30pm: After calling it a night on our live blog with nothing much happening, the news that everyone was waiting for was eventually revealed. Kate had a healthy baby boy weighing 8lb 6oz at 4.24pm on Monday 22nd July. Find out all the details here.
  • 5.01pm: So...still not a lot happening. Anywhere. The world's media all focussed on the baby and it is refusing to make an appearance. The BBC's reporter outside the hospital hasn't been afraid to admit that it could be a long day. Some brilliant quotes are coming from Simon McCoy, deadpanning: 

"Plenty more to come from here, none of it news."

"Until [the announcement], we're going to be speculating here about the royal birth with no facts."

"‘God help us if this ends up a long labor.' That's a view that I have heard expressed here by a couple of people."

Have a watch below:

  • 3.45pm: The Queen arrived at Buckingham Palace a few minutes ago, giving the crowds something to cheer about after hours of standing around not doing much. As the Press Association reported:

"The royal vehicle drove through the gates and out of the view of members of the public, eager to catch a glimpse of the monarch. Scores of people surged to the gates, screaming "the Queen!", while others reached into their pockets to grab their camera phones in an effort to catch Her Majesty's fleeting appearance. The Queen's arrival represented the first real movement at the palace for some hours, as crowds packed five deep in anticipation of a royal announcement."

  • 2.23pm: Still nothing to report really. The royal baby is making the nation wait. In the meantime, have a look at the frankly ridiculous international media coverage outside the hospital in these aerial shots

  • 1.06pm: A charity shop in Tooting is getting into the festivities of the day with this brilliantly terrible window display

Royal Baby

  • 12.01pm: Crowds are also starting to gather at Buckingham Palace as hundreds of people eagerly await the official royal aide to turn up with the announcement. They could be in for a long wait...

Buckingham Palace Crowds

Crowds gather at Buckingham Palace

  • 11.37am: The way that the first details of royal babies are announced follows strict tradition. A royal aide will be given a medical bulletin signed by doctors and take it over to Buckingham Palace. A proclamation will then be posted on an old wooden frame used only for this purpose behind the railings on Buckingham Palace's forecourt. This will reveal the gender and weight of the baby, but little else. Below is the one that announced Prince William to the world.


Prince William's announcement

  • 11.20am: Since the news broke more and more media have been gathering outside the hospital, eagerly waiting for any news. Here is what the scene looks like at the moment.


Reporters gather outside St Mary's hospital

More to follow...

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