Student Filmmaker: 'The Lines of the Road'

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Valeria Puig is a young filmmaker from Uruguay who studied in the UK and is currently working in London. In her third video blog of the series,  she describes a film she shot in 2008:


"The Lines of the Road was a documentary that I shot in 2008 about an Association called 'J'accede' that organises groups of Volunteers in different cities in France throughout the year, to register 'public places' on their website (these include hotels, restaurants, drugstores, shops) that can be accessed by people with 'reduced mobility'. These are people in wheelchairs, pregnant ladies, elder people with walking sticks, etc, and those public places that we register on the website will need to have a certain number of required 'facilities'. For example, they will need to have disabled toilets that are big enough for a wheel-chair to fit, they will need to have big elevators and easy-access. If they have large stairs, or small toilets for example, it is more unlikely that we will register them in the 'J'Accede' website.

In a nutshell the website is very useful for disabled people to plan their trips throughout France because by checking the 'public places' on the website they will know which restaurants or hotels they can go to without any problems. It makes their lives easier."

If you have any questions you would like to ask Valeria, please feel free to do so below, or you can check out her other video blogs here


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