Walk the Royal Wedding Route

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Fancy virtually walking the same route that Prince William and Kate Middleton will follow before their wedding on April 29th? Or maybe you want to explore one of London’s parks without leaving your computer? Well now you can thanks to a new idea from Google.

As part of Google Maps, they have created a 3D map of London which allows you to see the sights of the Capital all from the comfort of home. If you live a long way away or simply want to check out an area before you go there, you can now explore thousands of buildings throughout the city.

What’s more, the people behind it have also ‘virtually planted’ 12,000 individual trees to create St James' Park, Green Park and Hyde Park. Click here to explore London for yourself.

Below you can have a tour of the route that the royal procession will follow on the day of the big wedding. From Westminster Abbey (seen above), you go past the Houses of Parliament and then past the Prime Minister’s residence at 10 Downing Street, before you finish at Buckingham Palace.


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Royal Wedding

I'm definately going to be there, that tour makes me even more excited.