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This week is no ordinary week. For, you see, all this week (5th-9th March 2012) here at ForeignStudents.com, we are celebrating India Week! For one week, we are focussing on everything Indian, from food and culture, to business and big cities. We have competitions, events, special blogs and famous guests. Each day we will focus on a different aspect of India and Indian life, with the following schedule:

Monday: Food & Drink
To kick the week off we will be looking at the amazing food and drink that India has to offer. Articles from chefs, experts or just people who love a good curry, will describe and explain the authentic India food experience.

COMPETITION: You also have the chance to try out authentic Indian food for free with our amazing competition. You can win a meal out for you and seven friends at Masala Zone, so make sure you check out the competition here.

Tuesday: Entertainment, Film & Music
Music and film are both absolutely huge in India. There is a cross-over between the two that is almost unique to the country, as the music from films is the biggest form of popular music. Filmi, or songs from Indian movies, makes up 72% of the music sales in India, and in this sense, Bollywood is not only one of the biggest centres of film in the world, but also of music. On Tuesday we will release interviews with some of the biggest names in Indian entertainment.

Wednesday: Business & Cities
Business in India is growing at an amazing rate. It is matched only by the huge growth of a number of cities in the country over the past few decades. From Wednesday you can get an insight in to the business relationship between the UK and India, as well as learning about some of the biggest cities in India.

Thursday: Culture & Traditions
India is a country of ancient traditions and beliefs that have gone on to evolve over the last few turbulent centuries. Unlike many countries, these ancient customs are often still upheld and practiced on a day-to-day basis. From Thursday, you'll be able to learn about these traditions, as we bring you articles on everything from yoga, to palm crafts, from the people that practice them everyday.

EVENT: We are also hosting a brilliant free event on Thursday, with a talk and drinks reception with the founder of Cobra beer, Lord Bilimoria. It is being held in central London, and to find out more information and to book your place, visit the Facebook event or our online invite page.

Friday: Sport
Sport in India is massive. Cricket stars are huge international celebrities, the country has won eight Olympic Gold medals in Hockey alone, and more traditional sports are still played up and down the country everyday. With the combination of ancient sports and innovative and highly lucrative events such as the IPL, it is an exciting time for Indian sport. From Friday we will have articles from top experts explaining the significance of Indian sport and describing some of the lesser known sports played in India.

On top of all that, we will also be reviewing a different Indian dish and tea every lunch time, as well as bringing you experiences from students who have studied in India.

So, all you have to do, is make sure you are following us on Facebook and Twitter to keep up to date with all the latest posts and news, and simply enjoy the delights of India!

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