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India Week

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Welcome to India Week! For one week, we focused on everything Indian, from food and culture, to business and big cities. We had competitions, events, special blogs and famous guests, and this page was the hub of it all. Explore the page, learn about India and enjoy. 

India Week Highlights

India Week Events

Here you can find some highlights of the week, whether that be food reviews, articles from sports experts, interviews with top entertainment names, or experiences from students. 


Welcome to India Week...

India Week is finally here. Each day we will focus on a different aspect of India and Indian life, so make sure you check out this schedule to find out the details... 

Indian Teas

Food: Indian Tea Tasting

Along with trying a different dish for lunch each day, we also tasted five different Indian teas throughout the week. From Assam, to Ceylon, to Darjeeling, we started out as novices, but ended the week as experts (kind of)... 

Indian Food Reviews

Food: Indian Lunch Reviews

Every day during India Week we tried a different Indian dish for lunch. Ranging from the grand platter of a thali, to the lighter snack of bhel puri, read our light-hearted reviews of Indian cuisine...   

Inder Manocha

Entertainment: An Interview With Comedian Inder Manocha

We interviewed the brilliant comedian Inder Manocha about his heritage and how he got in to stand-up...


Business & Cities: Delhi at a Glance

Aleksandra, a student at the University of York, describes her amazing experiences of the second biggest city in India- Delhi...

Indian Religion and Temples

Culture: Indian Religion and Temples

Seasoned traveller Aryan Stanley takes a light hearted look at India and describes his experiences of the religion, spirituality and temples of the country... 


Sport: Finding India at Lord's Cricket Ground

Neil Priscott from the Marylebone Cricket Club, or Lord's to you and me, describes the links the famous ground has with India... 


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