Student Life Starter Pack

Perfect for Students new to the UK... 

If you are arriving in the UK soon or have just arrived, then this is the ideal package for you. We will do everything we can to help you settle in to life in the UK quickly and easily.

    Our Experts Will Help You:

  • Find Suitable Accommodation: We will make recommendations based on your preferences for accommodation and help you book a room.
  • Set up Utilities and Bills: If you need to set up your own gas, electricity, water, broadband or TV, we will show you how and get you the cheapest deals.
  • Arrange Travel and Shipping: We will recommend and help you book flights to the UK or travel within the UK, as well as show you how to ship your belongings.
  • Open a UK Bank Account: We will show you how to open a bank account in the UK and help you choose the best type for your needs.
  • Arrange Payment of Course Fees: We will show you how to pay your course fees and give advice on budgeting during your stay.
  • Find Necessary Insurance: We will recommend which types of insurance you will need and help choose the best options for health, travel and possessions insurance.
  • Register with a Doctor: We will help you find and register with your local doctor, as well as advise you about whether you are eligible for the NHS.

...£35 (including VAT)

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