Utilities: Gas, & Electricity

Compare Gas & Electricity Providers

If you are staying in university accommodation, then gas and electricity will most often be arranged for you. However, if you are living in private accommodation then you will need to make sure that you organize your own utility providers.

To arrange it, all you have to do is simply ring up a company provider and give them your details. They'll do the rest and then bill you monthly or yearly

There are many different companies in the UK which provide gas and/or electricity, and their prices vary quite a lot. The best way to make sure that you get the very best deal is use a comparison website. uSwitch compares all the major providers, allowing you to easily search and find the cheapest options for gas, electricity and water. It is completely free and could save you up to £530 on gas and electricity in a single year. 

For the best deal, COMPARE PRICES HERE or simply enter your postcode below.




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