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Is England “International Student-ist”?

There has not been much good news for international students recently. Everything from the implementation of stricter visa requirements, to the recent events in the news, has shocked many students, leading them to question is 'England international student-ist'? 

To start with the worst, a twenty-three-year-old Indian boy Anuj Bidve was fatally shot on December 26th during a night in Salford. It is believed that the shooting was unprovoked and racially motivated. Is England racist? Equally, in today's England, a ban WAS going to be issued on international students in Plymouth preventing them from using shops in the town centre. This plan came from a belief that international students were the cause of unruly behaviour in the area and an increase in shoplifting. Back to the days of segregation? Here? Today in 2012's England?

And let's not forget the lady on the tram from Croydon, which I assume everyone has YouTubed, shouting racist remarks at immigrants. One takes a look at London and would dispute the very possibility of England being racist, having welcomed hundreds of thousands of international students into the city, all of whom enjoy the rights, the amenities and the opportunities of any other Londoner.

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