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LSE Student Sells Time to Pay Off Debts

With youth unemployment at its highest for decades, and student debt increasing by the year, students and graduates are finding more and more novel ways to make money. One such student is LSE Second Year Jason Ting (above), who has come up with the idea of ‘selling time'.

With student loans hanging over him, the Economics student decided that the best way to make that extra bit of cash, was to come up with his own business idea. That idea was In Jason's own words: "I thought of selling something I wish I always had more of... time".

Buying Time

Basically, his website is a brand new and unique way of advertising online. For each minute of the day, one business, website or blog is displayed on Jason's site, before the next minute ticks over, and the next site appears. Anyone can buy any number of minutes, and they will then appear on the site at their chosen time every single day. With the 1440 minutes in a day representing 1440 opportunities for businesses to advertise, Jason works on the principle that every little bit of cash helps.

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