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Five Ways to Stay Feeling Healthy (Even if You’re Not)

Starting a new year at university is one of the times when staying fit and healthy usually takes a back seat. Chances are your body will be taking quite a bit of punishment at the moment, with late nights, alcohol and a ‘creative' diet not especially helping.

Whilst it is pretty unrealistic to think that you can stay at the peak of health throughout university, you can at least make yourself feel as though you're reasonably healthy. Here we have our top five tips to achieve just that during the busy first months at university. Some are just plain, good advice for staying healthy, others are cheats that can trick your body in to thinking everything is well.

1) Exercise

Ok this is not exactly revolutionary advice, but it's amazing how much better you feel after doing some exercise, even if its just a walk into lectures. Whilst the university sports centre may seem expensive now, believe me, it is waayyy cheaper than regular sports centres, so make use of it.

Find a friend who enjoys the same sport as you and set a time and day each week that you play against each other. Make it competitive and you're less likely to duck out with a hangover. One more thing- for the next 6 months, indoors is better, as bad weather can be an easy excuse to stay in bed.

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Top 5 Research Tips For University Students

Afshin Rohani is a web and technology writer for

As a new term starts you may find yourself being initiated into a new type of learning environment. For many this can be a daunting time, so here's my top 5 tips to make sure you exploit all the web has to offer to help aid your studies.

'Between'- not working and working, is the quasi-productive state of being 'online', where fact finding meets social snooping. Finding the sweet spot in this often dialectical relationship means taking the time to refine your search habits and sharpening your virtual tools.

During my years as a student and my time working with new media I've collected some great research tools as well as techniques that will optimise your web experience, so here's my top 5 for university students:

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Official University Comparison Website Launched

A new tool for students looking to study at British universities was unveiled today, which provides all the vital information needed. The government backed website Unistats has details on every single one of the 31,000 higher education courses in the UK, including how much they will cost, the teaching hours involved and the likely salary graduates will earn.

The website is the latest attempt to promote British universities and help students decipher all the recent changes to tuition fees. This year university applications were down for the first time in years, as the higher tuition fees came in to play. The government hopes that the comprehensive and easily understandable information will encourage those prospective students who have been put off by the confusion of the last year or so. The thinking is, if you are going to be paying £9,000 a year for a course, you want to know exactly what you're getting before you apply.

The Higher Education Funding Council has provided the information for every course in the UK, helping future students find:

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Moving out and Moving In

Angelique is originally from the Seychelles and has recently finished as a Law student at the University of London. After just completing a move to Bristol, she goes through some top tips for all you other students moving in the next few weeks.

"From September, at the start of the new academic year, thousands of students will be moving either from their home country to another country, or from one part of the country to another to study. Either way moving is no easy task.

Not only is there the emotional distress over whether you will like your new house, get along with your housemates and figure your way around the area, but there is also the hassle of actually physically getting from one place and settling in another.

This year, I have moved from London to Bristol and now that I feel slightly more settled than I did two days ago, I will share with you some tips and advice about moving. 

Tip One: There is no need to pack unessential things. Three years have passed by and there are clothes that I took with me initially to university which I have still not worn. Although, I wouldn't say "pack light", only pack what you need. Remember Poundland is never too far away if you need a spatula.

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The Internet For Students - 10/07/12

Here's my short and sweet guide to what's hot and trending on the web. These series of posts will keep students up to date with international insights, current technology and popular culture:

Murray shouldn't be too upset

Kim Sears

The UK has been gripped by news of Andy Murray's defeat at wimbledon, however, many tennis followers (and opportunists) on Twitter have raised an interesting point that after his Wimbledon loss, things aren't all doom and gloom for Mr.Murray. Their reasoning is based on the good looks of his girlfriend Kim Sears, read their entertaining comments on Buzz Feed Sports.


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