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Student Photos of ‘Their London’

Students at Central Saint Martins college as well as other Londoners were asked to enter photos of ‘their London'. Thousands of entries of everything from iconic landmarks to English fry-ups were deliberated over by photography experts at the college. Twenty winners were then chosen, each with its own little story.

The competition was run by iconic London brand Beefeater Gin and the winning entries will all appear on a limited edition bottle later this year. Have a look for yourself at some of our favourites below.

Above: SANDRA: "#MyLondon is always busy with traffic.... An iconic London bus pulls up outside the Houses of Parliament and Big Ben...."

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Macro Photography: How to Take Close-Up Photos

Macro photography... anybody here know what that means? Correct - close-up photography! Looking at objects from close quarters opens up a whole new world.

Remember when you were at school and your chemistry teacher gave you slides of crystals to look at under a microscope, and how wonderful the form was? Nowadays macro photography is within the realms of most of us. Even low cost digital cameras have a macro mode- set your camera and as you view the image on the screen move in as close as you can until the camera will no longer focus. Take the picture and then crop it in Photoshop or other similar program to make it even better.

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"The Essence of Good Photography"

Hi there. My name is Trevor and I am a professional fashion photographer. Often I use 'ordinary' people (as distinct from professional models) for my photos and over the next few weeks you'll see some of the results. I'll be giving you some tips for taking better photographs, analysing some of my own and even telling you how you can get some amazing pictures using your iPhone or iPad2. Your comments are always welcome and if you e-mail some of your photos, on any subject, to we will feature a selection of the best ones!

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